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Wrong-Way Passenger Shuts Down Newark Airport for 6 Hours


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Guy walked the wrong way through security at Newark Airport, and shut the place down for six hours. The breach was discovered around in Terminal C at Newark Liberty International around 5:20 p.m. yesterday evening, and flights didn’t start rolling again till around midnight.

The perp was never located, but the Transportation Security Administration “swept the area,” says the Post, found “everything was secure,” and gave the all-clear. No flights have blown up yet.

Twitpics such as the one shown above are circulating (commenters: “Good ‘Placement’ advertising for CNBC News,” “Waldo. Centre Left, under Exit sign,” etc).

Oddly, at the airport’s web site, the only extant service advisory (time-stamped 9:20 p.m. Sunday) says, “Weather/wind conditions at Newark Liberty Int’l Airport have caused disruptions in flight activity.” Current status reports delays “lasting 15 minutes or less.”

Newark is expected to be among the first wave of new recipients of those full-body scanners that have been rushed out in the wake of the Christmas crotch-bomber incident. Newark handled 35.4 million passengers in 2008.


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