Au Revoir Simone


Au Revoir Simone took a trip to the moon on gossamer wings and when they arrived, its blasted craters and space dust deserts were chock full of vintage keyboards and lucrative licensing agreements. Since their early-aughts inception, the NYC trio haven’t wished for anything but to distill the universe’s silver lining, that hint of promise glimmering beyond the pleasures and pain of everyday life. And that’s largely been realized through three albums of quiet harmony, synthesized zazz and burble, and the whisper of dreams before slumber. Sure, the whole bit could use a stronger foundation peg or two, but if Simone’s songs are sad and savvy enough to make network TV heroines AND David Lynch melt, then why not offer them the stars in a trade for a sliver of their new moon? With Class Actress and Alexa Wilding.

Thu., Jan. 7, 9 p.m., 2010

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