Booze News: How to Drink Vodka Like a Russian; Drink Trends Past & Future


David Wondrich has some advice on how to drink vodka — no, not in a cocktail, you rube. In a glass, with food, like the Russians. He names Karlsson’s Gold, Square One Organic Vodka, and Russian Standard as his favorites.

Meanwhile, the Russian government has set a minimum price for vodka, which is more than double the cost of the cheapest booze available, in order to help fight the country’s rampant alcoholism. The minimum price is now $3 for half a liter of vodka.
[NY Post]

Wine trends to look forward to in 2010 include a continued drop in prices on Bordeaux and Burgundies, and even Californian wine. People will buy online, wine blogging will surge. And Champagne will have trouble winning drinkers back from prosecco and cava.

Drink trends of 2009 included wine cocktails, a return to Aperol, and the re-emergence of fine fruit eaux de vie, but also, unfortunately, the release of artificial mixers and pre-made, ready-to-serve cocktails.
[Washington Post]

The decade in drinks saw us fall in love with St. Germain elderflower cordial, Pisco, cachaca, and the classic Negroni. Organic spirits hit the scene and bourbon sales soared. And, of course, there was the “rye renaissance.”

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