Ever See a Reality Show Moment That Seemed Real?


The term “reality show” has always seemed to me to be an oxymoron, sort of like “army intelligence” or “L.A. style.”

Every moment of any reality show I’ve ever seen (except for the ones I’ve been on, naturally) has seemed scripted, rehearsed, and played to the camera, as ALL series television generally is. It’s showbiz!

That includes Jessica Simpson making the Chicken of the Sea remark, Susan Boyle getting a shocked reaction from the judges, and various “real” housewives screaming at other “real” housewives in a sudden pique of anger.

They’re playing to the camera!

But correct me if I’m wrong. Maybe you’ve seen the unthinkable–an absolutely, uncorruptably real moment on a TV reality show.

If so, I need you to spill.


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