Food Network Fans Start a Facebook Page; A Vegetarian Author Gets Meaty


Mollie Katzen, author of vegetarian bibles The Moosewood Cookbook and The Enchanted Broccoli Forest, started eating meat again recently, and so has included several recipes in her latest cookbook for vegetarians that incorporate meat. [Newsweek]

Muslim immigrants who own small businesses like delis are often torn between profit and religion: the Koran prohibits them from selling pork, alcohol, and lottery tickets, but many must do so anyway to compete for business. [NY Times]

Hemi Weingarten of asks, “Will 2010 be the year that we begin to respect food once again?” Our fast food culture may be seeing its last days, he says, if only we can treat food all year the way we do around the holidays. [Huffington Post]

The French have scrapped a controversial method for testing oysters for potential contamination on mice, which has long been deemed old-fashioned and scientifically unsound. The country will now use more advanced chemical tests. [Guardian]

Food Network and HGTV viewers are mad as hell about Cablevision yanking the channels from its service. Some are taking the loss so personally that they’ve started a campaign to bring the networks back, including a Facebook page that already has some 7,000 fans. [NY Daily News]


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