If you’ve ever spent a slumber party scared out of your mind after a game of Bloody Mary—in which you and your friends stared into the bathroom mirror with just a candle until you swore you saw some horrific apparition waving at you through the glass—you’ll likely appreciate what rising art star Jen DeNike and choreographer Melissa Barak have created for tonight’s always-awesome MOMA party, PopRally. Called Scrying, which is—for those of you not up on your sorcery—the act of obtaining spiritual visions by peering into reflective surfaces like said bathroom mirror, this George Balanchine–inspired dance features a cast of lovely ballerinas who will somehow mysteriously bring strange, heavenly visions to life inside the museum. For all of you nonbelievers out there, complimentary vodka cocktails should help you see things more clearly.

Tue., Jan. 12, 7:30 p.m., 2010