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Joan Rivers Latest Victim of Tightened Airport Security


We’re all a little jumpy after the crotch-bomber, so it was to be expected that one day a celebrity would find that all her wealth and fame couldn’t get her past airport security.

“I was 20 minutes late, big deal,” Joan Rivers tells Good Day NY, describing her “ordeal” in Costa Rica, where she said she was kept off a flight back to Newark because her passport, which had both her personal and professional names, was confusing to security personnel or, as Rivers has it, “some stupid bitch at the gate.”

The snafu left the comedienne stranded overnight in Costa Rica — which is known as the Happiest Country in the World, but having “no ATM card and just $100 cash,” for some reason, Rivers was unable to enjoy the extra night in paradise. You may watch the Good Day hosts listening to Rivers on the phone here; though back safe and sound in America, she still sounds disoriented.

Rivers does get out of the incident some material — “They put me in a hotel. Room service was delivered by an exterminator.” Ba dum boom! — and some publicity, so it’s not a total wash, though it remains an Indictment of Our Way of Life. Rivers performs tonight and tomorrow at the West Bank Cafe.


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