Kinski, Recently Opened, is Now Closed in Preparation for “Grand Opening”


Kinski, the Czech-Austrian coffee, sweets, and sandwich shop that opened on Rivington Street in late November, has had its gate down for a few days. But knodel lovers need not fear: if the sign above is any indication, Kinski 2.0 will be even more, well, grand.

During a visit in early December, Fork in the Road was struck by the ascetic decor (the walls were literally sheets of plywood) and somewhat anemic sandwiches, and left wondering how Kinski would compete against neighbors like Sugar Sweet Sunshine and Tiny’s Giant Sandwich Shop.

Although “closed for renovations” sometimes seems to be the restaurant equivalent of “hospitalized for exhaustion,” perhaps the new year really will see a new and more noteworthy Kinski, with sandwiches and decor achieving a balance that Klaus himself could never claim.


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