The GZA may not be the Wu-Tang Clan’s most visible member, but he’s certainly been the hardest-working as of late, adhering to a nonstop punk-rock touring cycle, always overseas with his steely-eyed focus and his effortless tangles of words. He’s back in New York, likely still promoting his underrated sixth solo album, 2008’s Pro Tools, a no-nonsense mash of classic Gary Numan breakbeats, swipes at 50 Cent, retro-future noir production, and his inimitable puns (“0% Finance” tells a love story by using dozens of car brands). GZA has been dipping his toes in indie rock as of late—working with Dan Deacon and Black Lips, donating a verse to Peter Bjorn and John—so if anything pops off with Brooklyn’s noise-punk underground, you can say you saw it before it showed up on

Sat., Jan. 9, 9 p.m., 2010