Michael Cera Stars in Islands’ Video “No You Don’t”; Official Screening with “Guest Celebrity DJ” Tomorrow Night at Legion Bar


Gotta hand it to Islands. In the unforgivingly ADD era of 24-second music-news cycles, one absolute no-fail way to reignite interest in a blogline-moldy, indie-hyphenated record is to have Michael Cera star in your video. This is a far better tactic then asking every viral video goof within WiFi reach to mug for your YouTube time capsule. And not just because, momentarily, Cera’s celebrity weight is more Jason Biggs circa 2000 than Tay Zonday 2008. Moreso, it’s because the association with Norah’s Nick stands to gain Islands’ Nick actual fans: at the moment, Michael Cera fanciers are the sorts of gloriously awkward, introverted young people who dig into discographies via iTunes, carpool from the suburbs to $25 shows, buy DVDs rather than BitTorrenting them. Michael Cera is a mass-cultural gateway, much in the same way Ethan Hawke once was to now-first-time moms, and through him college freshman are discovering Arrested Development, Zach Galifianakis, that Moldy Peaches song, and McSweeney’s. Now he is yours, Nick Diamonds. Use him wisely. [Street Boners and TV Carnage, Event info for tomorrow after the jump.]


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