New York

Pedro Espada’s Permit Makes the Big Time; Post Runs Down Illegally-Parked Mercedes


Looks like that police parking permit which kept state senator Pedro Espada’s Benz from being ticketed — notwithstanding that he was parked by a fire hydrant — has been discovered and shouted to the world by the New York Post. They don’t mention that it came from Boogie Downer, but they do add the follow-up: they asked a bunch of people who may authorize such permits, and none of them knows anything; Espada is “certain that the police placard was issued at the request of a member of my staff.”

The Post says it’s still illegal to park at a hydrant, the permit notwithstanding. The Observer also runs with it. This’ll bring Espada down for sure! Ain’t no power like the power of the press, ’cause the power of the press don’t stop.


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