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Simcha Felder Leaves Council, Will Serve as John Liu’s Deputy


City councilmember Simcha Felder is resigning to join new comptroller John Liu’s office as Liu’s deputy.

The Times describes Felder as “a close ally” of Mayor Bloomberg who “flirted with the idea of working for the Bloomberg administration,” so it may seem strange that Felder would team with Liu, who is not exactly a close ally of Mayor Bloomberg, whom Liu snubbed for lunch shortly after the election.

But it hasn’t all been peachy between Felder and the Mayor’s office. Back in August Felder made them look bad by telling the Times Bloomberg’s people put his name on an authorization request without him asking for it. (Felder was not averse to getting money for his district, though — he endeavored to be “the greatest schnorrer in my community” and proclaimed, “I love slush and I love every flavor of it” — and claimed to have later signed the authorization for an extra $700,000.)

Though Felder obligingly supported Bloomberg’s term limits turnabout, it may be that he feels he’s gotten out of that partnership all he can get.


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