Someone in England Debunks the Magical Properties of Fergie’s Vinegar Shots and Other Dubious Celebrity Food Claims


You know how annoying it is when celebrities who spend thousands of hours and dollars on personal trainers and holistic private chefs try to tell the rest of us that the food we eat will kill us or, worse, make us look like shit? Well, someone at the Times Online has had enough, too, and has taken it upon his or herself to debunk the food science quackery of celebrities ranging from Fergie to, even more randomly, Roger Moore.

According to a gastroenterologist at the University of Liverpool, meat, despite what Heather Mills claims, does not in fact sit in your intestine for 40 years. And although Roger Moore may have stated that “eating foie gras is a tasty way of getting terminally ill,” a molecular biologist at the University of Sussex begs to differ, saying that “[t]here is no scientific evidence that eating foie gras will directly cause Alzheimer’s disease, diabetes or arthritis.”

Fergie does apple cider vinegar shots because she’s “noticed a difference on my stomach,” but a dietician says that the body “will not be improved by vinegar, whether it be organic, apple cider, unfiltered, or your bog standard malt vinegar.”

One piece of dietary advice that one can follow? Take any food science claims from people without any scientific background with a fat grain of salt.

[Via the Food Section]

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