I’ve experienced three exhilarating moments in my life: 1) visiting the Sistine Chapel; 2) sitting on a speaker onstage in front of thousands of people during an Alkaline Trio show; and 3) taking my pants off on the 6 train. For that last one, I’d like to thank Charlie Todd, founder of Improv Everywhere, for gathering hundreds of people in the middle of winter for the annual No Pants Subway Ride, with a mission that simply requests riding the train in your underwear. The courageous stunt works flawlessly. Large groups are separated into smaller groups, each with an “agent.” Then you’re informed what train to take, and your small group enters one train car. With every stop, one person takes off his or her pants, leaving passengers completely shocked—some actually join in the fun, without even knowing what’s going on. Seriously, not even climbing Mount Everest could beat the thrill you feel standing in a New York City subway train in your underwear. I dare you.

Sun., Jan. 10, 3 p.m., 2010