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Celebrate Three Kings Day — With Hiram Monserrate?


It’s Three Kings Day, the day some orthodox Christians celebrate as the “real” Christmas, and what better way to celebrate than with a gift from a man convicted of abusing his girlfriend?

The Daily News has a flier of a Three Kings gift giveaway in Queens, hosted by none other than the Hon. Hiram Monserrate!

An earlier version of the flier, which accurately promised “Clowns” at the event, was guilty of false advertising when it listed the presence of Council Member Julissa Ferreras. According to the Observer, the one time Monserrate staffer and successor to his seat on the City Council has “no intention” of appearing alongside the convicted woman beater.

It’s been a tough Christmas for Monserrate, and we’re betting he’s hoping this Christmas party turns out a lot better than the last one. Monserrate has drawn the wrath of gay activists since his ‘no’ vote on the marriage equality bill, especially as he once supported it and has an openly gay chief of staff.

In December, Monseratte’s last Christmas party was crashed by the gay activist group The Power, who interrupted his happy holiday festivities by loudly pointing out, a year after he’d roughed up Karla Giraldo, that the convicted woman beater could get married while they can’t.

Another way that the flier might not be accurate for long is that it refers to Monserrate as a “New York State Senator.” A Senate ethics panel may call for his expulsion in the coming days or weeks, and the Republicans in the Senate are now hinting that they may take matters into their own hands. But until then, we guess, responsible parents can take their children to get a gift from Monserrate in the hopes they’ll learn a valuable message about the real meaning of Christmas.


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