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Let’s Do It Again: Bill Thompson Declares for Mayor in 2013


Bill Thompson was thought to be considering a run at Kirsten Gillibrand’s Senate seat, which speculation blossomed when polls showed Thompson beating her.

As we’ve observed before, though, Gillibrand is likely to run better than she polls. Thompson seems to have figured that out, too (or had his arm twisted): Yesterday he announced on NY1 that he won’t go for it.

But he said he will run for Mayor in 2013.

Thompson revealed this ambition with the usual “talk about the issues that impact New Yorkers” gush, and gave a playful response — “Oh. God” — when someone brought up the possibility of Bloomberg running for a fourth term. (That joke gets funnier if you’ve read Wayne Barrett’s story about how palsy-walsy Thompson and Bloomberg can be when the money’s right.)

Thompson referred to the close race he gave Bloomberg and predicted, “I don’t think anyone is going to underestimate me again.”

It is almost ridiculously early to declare for a 2013 race, but maybe Thompson is following the Hollywood tradition of movie trailers that announce new blockbusters are coming “CHRISTMAS 2011” and such like, and building advance buzz. Thompson wants to be remembered as an almost-winner, not a loser, and may think the only way to do that is to constantly talk about what might have been.

Maybe he can make up a nickname for himself: “Horserace Thompson” or something. Or host a reality show called “It Only Counts in Horseshoes.”


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