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Man Bolts Chain Gang in Staten Island; Caught in Ferry Terminal


A guy bolted from cops as he was walked from the St. George police station to a paddy wagon in St. George this morning. Police rushed to shut down the Staten Island Ferry and Staten Island Railroad trains while they looked for him, which was a good idea, because they found him at the Ferry terminal, where he presumably hoped to catch a boat to freedom; cornered, the man ran onto the train tracks, where he was apprehended.

The police radio transmissions reproduced by the Advance suggest that the perp’s name is “Juan Thompson” or something. At the time of his escape he was allegedly linked by chain to other prisoners; it is not yet revealed how he could get away under those circumstances. (“Sounds to me like somebody didn’t lock his bracelet,” says an Advance commenter.)

Update: The Advance has video of the man breaking free, but it doesn’t show how he managed to get loose, which is being investigated. Also, they have his name — Naquan Thompson, not “Juan”; he’s 22 and was in on a robbery charge, having previously been apprehended for throwing a pit bull puppy at a cop (!) while in commission of a car theft (!!). Thompson broke his ankle during his getaway.


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