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Ha ha, Mike Bloomberg and Bill Thompson as Oscar and Felix! But as it’s by Wayne Barrett, you know it’s not a cheap joke: It’s about their day jobs as Mayor and Comptroller, the funding for the Museum for African Art led by Thompson’s wife, and the propriety of a candidate challenging, with his heart seemingly half in it, a public official from whom he had much obtained.

How did Wall Street folk celebrate the New Year? Quietly, says Elizabeth Dwoskin. Not so much because they’re not party people, but because their bosses told them to keep it on the downlow. Less dining and jazz bands, more drinking and self-pity.

You like Vampire Weekend, right? Oh, you hate them? That figures, too. “This band drives people nuts,” says Ron Harvilla. Their new album, Contra, is unlikely to change that.

Youth in Revolt is a cult novel, but the makers of the movie version “want their movie branded a cult favorite before anyone’s even seen it,” says Robert Wilonsky.

Robert Sietsema had a hard time gaining admittance to Best Fuzhou Restaurant on Eldridge Street, though the place wasn’t full. Was it worth the inexplicable wait? (Hint: yes.) Sarah DiGregorio samples the Lower East Side’s new South African joint, Bunny Chow and its “one very odd waiter.”

“I mean, did you know that Mrs. Tolstoy screeched things at her hubby like, ‘I’m still your little chicken, and you’re still my big cock. Let me make you crow!’?” Christ Jesus it’s Michael Musto at the movies, and at the Bar d’O reunion anc other glam events.

Who even knows what Progressive Theater is? Tom Sellar, that’s who, and he runs you through it.

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