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Artie Lange Stabbed Himself Nine Times: Post


Earlier this week Howard Stern announced on his show that his sidekick, Artie Lange, had been hospitalized, and bade his fans think of him. Stern didn’t say why Lange was in the hospital, but mentioned that “we all have our demons.”

Today, from Page Six, we learn what he meant: Lange stabbed himself nine times. His mother found him bleeding on Saturday morning when she came by to “drop off food.”

Six of the wounds were relatively superficial “hesitation wounds,” but three were “deep plunges,” reported the Post.

Lange has been off Stern’s Sirius program since last month. He recently told the Jersey Star-Ledger that he was taking a hiatus from the Stern show to “try to get my head straight.”

Lange has frequently portrayed himself as a heavy drinker and user of drugs to comic effect, and has in the past admitted to a $250-a-day heroin habit.

For this reason, Lange frequently appears in internet death pools. Early last year CinemaBlend put Lange at #8 on their “100 Most Likely People to Die in 2009” list.


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