Bring Back Special K!


Cocaine became hot again a few years ago–though like Kirstie Alley, it never really went away.

And so everywhere you go, you still see teeth-chattering, nose-twitching blabbermouths who never listen to a word anyone says except for “Here’s more coke.”

Enough already!

Let’s bring back that old favorite, Special K. Yes, it was disturbing to see clubbies land in a K-hole and stand (or crouch) still as if trapped in a Lucite box far from their Jersey homeland.

But they seemed happy! And they didn’t bother me! In fact, they couldn’t bother me, since they were absolutely unable to move!

Some of them are probably still trapped in there, so I say let’s set them free like Encino Man and watch them sprinkle their glorious K on the new generation of druggies so they’ll all SHUT THE FUCK UP!!!

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