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Child-Rape Suspect Rev. Philip Joubert Now Charged with Assault, Too


In November Rev. Phillip Joubert, pastor of the Community Baptist Church in Bayside, was arrested on charges of raping a 13-year-old relative — possibly his daughter, though reports have been sketchy. Joubert has pleaded not guilty.

On New Year’s Eve, charges of assault were added in Norwalk, Connecticut, where the Reverend maintains another residence and pastors another church; it is claimed he punched a young girl several times “after becoming angry that his apartment was messy.” It’s not yet known whether this girl is the same one he is charged with raping.

Marvin Bolden, Joubert’s brother-in-law, told the Norwalk Hour he believed the charges against the Reverend were “right from the jump”; a member of his Norwalk parish said, “I knew it was a matter of time before somebody said something about him but I never thought it would be a child.”

The Hour quotes a source who says that “another minor was in the house but on a different floor at the time the alleged abuse occurred,” and that the girl Joubert allegedly punched revealed the sexual abuse when “the child’s mother was consoling the victim,” though neither the Hour nor anyone else has revealed whether the girl was referring to herself or someone else. In any case, a Connecticut judge has issued a restraining order against the Reverend to keep him away from his alleged punching victim.



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