Courtney Love Covers the Replacements and Gives the World “Unsatisfied (Multitasking-Makeup Remix)”





Inclined to go with “Anonymous 9:48am” on this one: “My god, she sounds like a horse.” What we have here is a five-minute YouTube video of Courtney Love pacing around her hotel room at the Standard on New Year’s Eve, wandering from bathroom mirror to cosmetic bag to face-painting tool, while attempting to cover the Replacement’s “Unsatisfied.” To say she does not pull it off is putting it politely; to say “she sounds like a horse” is putting it mildly. Rather, Ms. Love sounds, at various intervals, like a sucker-punch victim (2:17), a drunk in a bubble bath (2:47), a woman on the can yelling for more toilet paper (2:20-ish). “That sounded great,” her Limey acolyte lies.

Helpfully provided via Love’s own TwitVid collection (she is back on Twitter, with protected updates, over at @CourtneyLoveUK), this abominable practice session took place before a private “performance” at the Standard’s Boom Boom Room, that Meatpacking District penthouse club where fellow stink-bomb Jesse Camp once proudly urinated off the roof, and was apparently a warm-up gig for the Hole revival the widow Cobain keeps threatening. No footage of the New Year’s Eve show here, just this this life-changing Paul Westerberg “tribute” and its poetic finale of a hired attendant named Michelle appearing at the door to ask Courtney, “Do you need anything else from a pharmacy right now other than the prescriptions?”


This article from the Village Voice Archive was posted on January 7, 2010

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