Cushy NYPD Gang Deployment Apparently Lost in Bermuda Triangle


More on Mayor’s Bloomberg’s curious offer to send veteran police detectives to help out the police in the resort island of Bermuda, where he just happens to own a $10.5 million mansion:

Bermuda Public Safety Minister David Burch said on Tuesday that his government “had accepted the offer” from Bloomberg of assistance of officers from the NYPD Gang Unit, as part of an attempt to stem a wave of gang violence there.

Yesterday, though, when the story reached New York, the mayor’s office had police spokesman Paul Browne release a non-denial denial of the offer.

Browne noted only that a deputy chief spoke with Bermuda police officials, but “no offer was made or agreed upon to send NYPD personnel to Bermuda.” Note that Browne does not address the mayor’s involvement in the whole thing.

And it’s not like Bermuda officials were just spitballing here. They held a press conference, and issued written statements by Burch and police commissioner Michael DeSilva, about the plan.

Well, now Bermuda’s public safety minister David Burch has offered more detail on how Bloomberg’s offer came to pass.

He tells Bermuda’s Royal Gazette this morning: “Mayor Bloomberg rang the Premier, as a resident of Bermuda and someone who has a keen interest in the safety of Bermuda. He is a friend and said, ‘We probably can help. Get your Commissioner to talk to the head of our Gang Unit.'”

We asked the mayor’s press office yesterday and today to detail the mayor’s involvement. No response.

Maybe, what happened was this: the detectives were definitely going. Then them dad-blamed reporters got involved, and got the plan scuttled because of the mayoral embarrassment factor. As Bermuda’s Royal Gazette points out today, “It just gets a little awkward when they [NYPD detectives] are being dispatched to keep Bloomberg’s vacation spot safe.”

This article from the Village Voice Archive was posted on January 7, 2010


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