Ray’s Candy May Close by Friday


Late last month, myriad reports surfaced that Ray’s Candy, an Avenue A institution since 1974, was in serious danger of closing. Today, the blog Neither More Nor Less brings the troubling news that unless the store’s owner, Ray Alvarez, coughs up two months’s rent by Friday, his building’s managing agent will padlock the doors.

According to NMNL, the agent, accompanied by a bodyguard, showed up last night to give Alvarez the news. Alvarez is almost 77 and not in the best of health, and reportedly has been dealing with both a drastic fall-off in business (in the ’80s, he took in about $3,000 a day) and crippling credit card debt.

We placed a call to the store, but the number is no longer in service, which doesn’t seem to bode well for the store’s future. Stay tuned.

[Via EV Grieve]


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