Tavern on the Green Donates Two Tons of Food; New York Has Its Own Grain Belt


Taiwan is looking to mend trade ties with the U.S. after recently repealing its decision to import U.S. beef products. A change to Taiwan’s food safety laws made some U.S. beef products no longer eligible for import.

New York’s grain belt is being revived and expanded with specialty grains ground locally into flours and meals. The Farmer Ground Flour label features whole wheat bread flour, whole wheat pastry flour, and half-white flour, and is sold at Union Square Greenmarket.
[NY Times]

Jason Alexander, best known as George on Seinfeld, is following in the footsteps of Valerie Bertinelli, Phylicia Rashad, and Kirstie Alley as the next spokesperson for Jenny Craig. The actor said he’d like to lose between 30 and 40 pounds.
[NY Post]

Tavern on the Green, which officially closed its doors New Year’s Eve, yesterday donated 2,000 pounds of fresh food and another ton of dry goods to City Harvest in what was one of the largest single food donations ever.
[NY Daily News]

In yet another contaminated milk scandal, Chinese authorities kept concerns about the safety of a Shanghai dairy’s products secret for nearly a year before announcing that the company had been closed for manufacturing contaminated milk.
[NY Times]

T Magazine‘s food editor, Christine Muhlke, lists her favorite outer-borough food destinations, including Prime Meats in Cobble Hill, the taco trucks on Roosevelt Avenue in Elmhurst, and La Flor in Woodside.
[NY Times]


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