How Far Does NYC Have to Go Before We Have Truly Authentic Southeast Asian Restaurants? I Want My ‘Fried Cow’s Gender With Red Ant’!


My friend Mike Epstein, who works as a programmer at Google in New York, has been fearlessly trekking though Southeast Asia, and posting the most amazing photos on Twitter at @mikepstein. And since, like me, he loves to eat, a large proportion of the pictures have been about food.

The photo above is of a Cambodian menu. The number of ways you can eat bull penis (hilariously and modestly referred to as “cow’s gender” on the menu) is itself amazing, and we have virtually no restaurants in town that even serve gender. Come to think of it, we don’t have any Cambodian restaurants in town, period. Or Laotian restaurants, either. Which makes me very sad. Even if it’s just a matter of availability of foodstuffs, New York falls short. (On the positive side of the ledger, I can name a couple of Thai restaurants in Queens that serve giant water bugs.)

Go to his Twitpics and you’ll see several culinary and mixological oddities, such as the chalkboard below listing drink specials.

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