New Jersey Fixing Its Canada Goose Problem by Eating Them; Rhode Island Freezes Heritage Breed Sperm for Future Meals


SVF Foundation in Newport, R.I. is the country’s only organization that conserves rare heritage livestock breeds by freezing their semen and embryos, a technique called cryopreservation. Chip, now SVF’s unofficial mascot, was born using this process.
[NY Times]

Freezing temperatures in Florida may affect the country’s winter strawberry supply. The winter strawberry capital of America is bracing itself for another cold front, but luckily, this year’s weather hasn’t been as bad as cold snaps in 1835, 1962, and 1989.
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New Jersey residents are struggling to deal with the skyrocketing Canada goose population. Hunting and cooking them is one way, but how do you cook a goose? Hunters from Jersey Goose Outfitters and local chef Craig Shelton offer up a few serving suggestions.
[Star Ledger via Pat’s Papers], a free email newsletter offering exclusive dining deals at New York restaurants, has launched. The site, which debuted in L.A., offers subscribers discounts of 30 percent or more, and is run by former Gourmet travel editor William Sertl.
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All your calorie counting may be in vain. A new study reveals that prepared foods contain an average of 8 percent more calories than what is stated on the packaging. Restaurant meals can contain up to 18 percent more calories than what the menu claims.
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