New York Noise Producer Shirley “Beans” Braha Is Still Going to Parties, Documenting Them, Joking about How Animal Collective’s Manager Is Endowed With a Baby Leg


Shirley Braha is the producer of NY-TV’s reliably stellar local-music-video show New York Noise. But since last fall, she’s also been preoccupied with updating her blog Party-A-Day, which you’d be forgiven for mistaking as a big-box store chain that trafficks in noiseblowers and paper doilies. Not so, Party-A-Day is tongue-and-cheek project born of autumnal boredom that has Braha documenting all the convivial (and some not so) gatherings she’s attended since this past September, including the Beggars/Matador holiday soiree to the Fever Ray post-show shindig, and Todd P’s Punkin’ Carvin’ Party. But NYC’s “Best local music groupie” has also reliably ventured outside her own wheelhouse, like say, to a dog-costume celebration, a “big gay house party,” and a Canal Street rooftop fete with directions on where to do coke:

Braha’s original plan was to hit 50 celebrations, but that was extended to 100, and as of this morning, the running total was 94. Which is to say that the term “party” has been used loosely here: four people dancing in a Union Square Dunkin’ Donuts, a Port Authority rendezvous, and a birthday fruit cake in a conference-room. But more specifically, we’d like to direct your attention to the recent recap of Leg Up! Management’s party, a post in which our “Best D.I.Y. Go-Girl, Under 21” takes the piss out of Animal Collective’s management:

If you asked me a few months ago what I thought of [AC manager] Brian [DeRan], I’d say he was a dick who didn’t answer a bunch of my emails in 2007 (I was offering to feature Animal Collective on TV again if he gave me a million dollars and an exotic fruit basket– His Loss!). But now, I’d say he’s a totally amazing bro who has awesome parties!!! Another thing I learned about Brian is that he goes by the name “Baby Leg” and apparently “gets lots of hot girls,” naw’ mean? In conclusion, what we’ve learned today is that Brian is not a dick but does have a huge one.

In conclusion, I leave you with this hilarious New York Noise clip of Shirley’s grandma and her friends calling Animal Collective a “moosh-mash of background, eh, music.” Awesome.

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