Perhaps You Are a Singer-Songwriter, and Would Like to Be Part of the New Reality TV Show The Scene…L.E.S.?


That the Lower East Side is a place totally inimical to struggling artists of any kind is probably the least of the ironies of The Scene…L.E.S., the new in-the-works reality TV show from Jimmy Lloyd Productions. As per the above Craigslist ad:

    “The Scene…L.E.S” (Lower East Side) is a reality show that straddles the line between the music world and the real life drama of up and coming Singer-Songwriters who live around and play the circuit of performance venues on the Lower East Side of New York City. The program will primarily focus on 8-10 of the best up and comers following them through their successes, failures, struggles, relationships and ambitions as they navigate their way through the myriad of challenges that is the music world today.

And what will differentiate this show from its Jersey Shore peers, exactly?

    The unique aspect of having REAL songwriters and the potential for exposure that this opportunity will afford to those Singer-Songwriters chosen to participate will add a “Realness” factor to the show that is absent in many other reality shows which tend to focus on sheer obnoxiousness and audacity to appeal to it’s viewership.

Ah right, the vaunted “Realness factor,” because the music industry and the LES are two bastions of reality in a world otherwise populated by actuaries and people who live in fake places like Queens or the Bronx. They only want real characters, see? Like bloggers!:

    We are not just seeking songwriters, but actors, actresses, scenesters, …people who inhabit the L.E.S music scene. We want real characters who can bring an added dimension of interest and credibility to the forum. ie: bloggers, journalists, fans…etc.

Fitting perhaps that this pilot seems squarely aimed at WNBC, the local affiliate of the network that appears to be poised to dethrone what is far and away television’s best showcase for musicians of all sorts, Late Night With Jimmy Fallon, in favor of placating the worst man on television, Jay Leno. Up with REAL musicians! Down with simulacra like the Roots! I got your added dimension of interest and credibility right here, Jimmy Lloyd!

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