Quintin Cedeno, Queens Principal, Charged with Asking Students for Sex, Fondling


The principal of the High School for Construction Trades, Engineering and Architecture in Queens, Quintin Cedeno, sounded like an good, engaged educator when the Daily News talked to him about the school’s alternative energy programs: Construction Trades didn’t restrict its student body to high achievers, he told them, because “we all remember where we came from.”

And when he couldn’t get funding for a school librarian, he sought out college students to volunteer and “get this library opened and available to the school community.”

This must have made it doubly surprising when Cedeno was reassigned in October on suspicion of sexual misconduct. Now a report from the NYPD Special Commissioner of Investigation for school charges Cedeno with soliciting oral sex from four male students.

Cedeno is also charged with fondling some boys, and engaging in “electronic communications” of an inappropriate nature with students.

The Commissioner, Richard J. Condon, recommends that Cedeno be removed from the school system, and criminal charges seem likely.

Cedeno previously taught math at the East New York High School of Transit Technology. A commenter at Rate My Teachers said of Cedeno in January of 2004: “be [careful?] people… he gets a little to close to the little ones :-0”


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