Rock Hudson Only Liked Pink Anuses


There is no imaginable way to segue delicately into this one, folks, so let me just dive right in:

Fifties screen hunk Rock Hudson–who died of AIDS-related causes in 1985–exclusively liked guys’ buttholes to be pink.

I learned this fascinating fact from Rational Radio host Jack E. Jett, who I believe was the one who introduced Rock to his longtime lover Marc Christian (the notorious guy who successfully sued Rock’s estate and who quietly passed away last year).

Jack E. swears that Rock absolutely could not abide brown anuses–and by that he means naturally brown ones, not ones that are colored that way because, well, you know.

Rock simply adored that touch of pink, which is kind of perfect for someone who played so well to the lavender lens.

Oy, to think I actually went to journalism school! No, wait, I didn’t.