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Susan Molinari v. Kirsten Gillibrand: The Race We’ve Been Waiting For


It’s hard to think of a better matchup than the Blonde-on-Blonde race that would take place if Susan Molinari decides to run against Kirsten Gillibrand for the senate.

Both bring a bouncy, cute-as-a-button approach to politics but the similarities only start there. Both are daughters of legendary lobbyist-fixers with deep ties to the permanent government. Ex-Staten Island congressman and boro prez Guy Molinari pulls in the big bucks representing real estate developers and hospitals in trouble with regulators in New York and Washington.

Gillibrand dad Doug Rutnik reps drug companies and international contractors in Albany.

Both were groomed for politics at a young age and took to it like kittens to spools of yarn. Both won election to Congress and both like nothing better than a chance to spout off in front of a camera on the issues of the day. Molinari even had her own TV news slot for awhile.

Let the race begin!


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