The Blogroll Gazette: Bad Food at the New York Times Cafeteria; Is Chicken Skin the New Bacon?


This week, in food blogs…

Diner’s Journal noticed that Sam Sifton wasn’t the only Times staffer going out for lunch: the cafeteria was closed by the DOH for potential food contamination.

Grub Street noted that The Breslin has joined Restaurant Week — if only for lunch service — but suspects that you still won’t be able to get a table there.

Eater listed every rumor surrounding The Beatrice Inn, including “The Beatrice will be in Brooklyn,” and “Chloe Sevigny will select and train a dance troupe for nightly performances.”

Serious Eats asked, “Have you ever experienced pine mouth?”It’s the bitter taste caused by eating pine nuts that makes it unpleasant to eat anything else.

Blondie and Brownie celebrated The King’s birthday with a Robicelli’s Elvis cupcake from ChipShop: banana cupcake with peanut butter buttercream and candied bacon, deep-fried.

Midtown Lunch discovered that the Street Sweets truck is being forced to change its name. The good news is that it’s giving away a $500 prize to anyone who can help name them.

The Atlantic Monthly Food Channel had an all-Ikea meal, including laks (Norwegian lox), senapssill (herring in mustard sauce), and sill i dillmajonnas (herring in dill mayonnaise).

Food & Wine’s Mouthing Off blog asked, “Is chicken skin the new bacon?” God, let it be so.

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