Staten Island teacher struck by stoned model dies in hospital


Daniel Kelley, the special education teacher who was struck Tuesday by a car driven by a Brooklyn woman under the influence of painkillers, an anti-anxiety drug and a sleeping pill, died this morning in Staten Island University Hospital. He was 23 years old.

Kelley was out jogging with his 18-year-old girlfriend Gina Siclari when he was struck. Siclari suffered a broken ankle.

Gypsy Porfirio, 34, who is variously described as “a model” and “an aspiring model” in the tabloids, was out for a spin in a gentleman friend’s car with alprazolam (Xanax), Percocet (oxycodone and acetominophen) and Ambien in her system when she ran down Kelley and Siclari. She told police at the time that the drugs were prescribed by her dentist after oral surgery, although it isn’t clear why her dentist would have thought someone taking Xanax and Percocet would have trouble sleeping. Police found 45 pills of Percocet and 15 alprazolams she hadn’t gotten to yet hidden in her clothes.

Porfirio is charged with operating a motor vehicle while impaired by drugs; operating a motor vehicle while intoxicated; two counts of second-degree vehicular assault; two counts of second-degree assault; and criminal possession of a controlled substance in the third and fifth degrees.

Porfirio’s free on $150k bail. She was already scheduled to go back to court tomorrow, so that list may get longer.

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