Andrew W.K. Was the First Actual Human in Last Night’s Simpsons 20th Anniversary Special. But Was It Really Him?


Morgan Spurlock’s nerd-awaited Simpsons 20th anniversary special aired last night. Highlights: Dr. Ruth praising Marge and Homer’s sex life, a visit to an actual Duff Brewery in Argentina (who currently have a pending copyright-infringement lawsuit from FOX), and the third-hardest working man in New York show business, Mr. Andrew WK, pounding out the theme song’s opening notes, in his trademark faux-nose-bleed-stained T-shirt. New York’s second-hardest working show-biz man is also in there too, behind the drums while the rest of the Roots and Jimmy Fallon jam out a few seconds of the Simpsons theme, as is Flea and one of his cartoony bass solos, Sting feigning humility while looking smug (“The Simpsons actually made my career”), and a mass of other musical randoms.

But back to Andrew W.K. Was that the actual man, the mind-controlled Andrew Wilkes-Krier, or some incarnation of Steev Mike in the opening clip? You could probably inquire with the man himself during “Ask Andrew W.K. Anything: A Night of Questions” at Santos Party House on February 23 (only $5!), right after you try to understand just what the hell he’s been talking about for the last few weeks–something nonsensical about lies, hoaxes, and Lady Gaga that’s momentarily coming off like a poorly planned record-release stunt. Or you could just watch the first ten seconds and make an educated guess yourself. Looks like knock-off Andy to me.

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