Carroll Baker Tried To Kill Her Sister


Now’s the time of year when I snuggle up with many a warming celebrity memoir, delving into their passions and achievements–like the fact that Carroll Baker tried to kill her sister!

Yes, the Baby Doll bombshell was just a young girl when her new baby-doll sister came along and attracted so much fussing and attention from everyone that she wanted to murder her.

“Stay away from the baby,” mama urged Carroll at one pivotal point in the actress’s memory bank. “If she catches your measles, she could die.”

That was Carroll’s cue. She prepared a spoonful of her “deadly-germ saliva,” then “crept into the baby’s room and offered her the poison. I remember how Boopie opened her mouth wide and swallowed every drop.”

“Soon afterward, she did come down with the measles,” admits Carroll. Then she dramatically adds, “But she didn’t die.”

That was mighty big of her.

By the way, this hair-raising remembrance comes up in a chapter titled “Los Angeles 1966: The Second Breakdown.”

But wait a minute. Boopie?

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