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Enjoy This Blog? Want to Write For It, Hotshot?


We just posted what has to be one of the hottest job openings in the business: a full-time staff writing job, with damn good benefits, for someone who wants to join Roy Edroso and the rest of the staff in continuing the explosive growth here at Runnin’ Scared.

We’re looking for someone who will turn this place upside down with well-written, skillfully reported, and humorous looks at New York news. In particular, we’d like to see a healthy dollop of stuff about local media.

So if you’re a talented scribe with some serious blogging chops who would love to dash off cantankerous takes on the crazy shit happening at the Times, the Journal, NY Mag, the sinking Conde Nast barge, the who-the-hell-knows-what-Jared-is-going-to-do-with-it Observer, and all the angry little digital startups, hit us up with a cover letter, resume, and some clips that will knock us on our asses.

Send it all to:

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