Gail Simmons Hits the Sweet Spot With Just Desserts


Last October, when the Top Chef masterminds announced plans for a pastry-themed spin-off called Just Desserts, we recoiled at the thought of Padma choking down hunks of cake as she regurgitated wooden platitudes. Thankfully, Bravo has announced that the show’s hosting duties will fall to none other than Gail Simmons, Eater National reports.

Simmons has always seemed fun and down to earth, and, unlike Padma, like she doesn’t take being paid to dress up and eat food on reality TV too seriously for her own good. And most importantly, she looks like someone who actually might even eat dessert from time to time.

Although no premiere date has yet been set, those wanting their Simmons fix can get it on April 7, when the second season of Top Chef Masters premieres with Simmons as one of its judges.

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