Is Facebook Homophobic?


This letter came in from author Perry Brass, who’s brassed off about what he feels is antigay treatment on Facebook:
“Dear friends,
Here’s a link to a feature by Sam Martino, news editor of Out in Jersey, about the faceless minions of FaceBook banning me from ever advertising my book The Manly Art of Seduction on its pages, after the book was accepted for advertising, and the ad ran for a week.

“The whole story is here, but it does not go into how FaceBook has also banned advertising from numerous other gay publications and businesses, while at the same time allowing ads for other things that would curl the pages–like foot fetishists, massage services, etc.

“I think it is an interesting story, and one we should pay attention to, because as print venues die, social networking sites have taken on a power hard to fathom: FaceBook now reaches 100 million people.
“That is a lot of people to withhold information from.
Well, don’t look at me. I’m not withholding anything!

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