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Pete King Decides Against Senate Race


Lots of movement in the 2010 Senate race today: shortly after imported prospect Harold Ford Jr. switched to a pro-gay-marriage stand in probable anticipation of a run at Kirsten Gillibrand, Pete King has backed off his latest “look” at entering the race. The Long Island Republican Congressman floated the idea on the Don Imus show a week ago, but now says he doesn’t have the wherewithal.

Don’t despair, King fans: this year’s election is a special election, owing to Gillibrand’s appointed status, and he may get in for the 2012 race. Meantime he can fill his days denouncing Democrats and dead “pervert” pop stars. And if the GOP takes back the House this year (a big “if,”admittedly), National Review‘s Robert Costas says he’s in line to chair the House Homeland Security Committee.

Along with the undeclared Ford, Republican Susan Molinari is talking about running, but only labor activist Jonathan Tasini has actually declared, having done so back in June


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