Ray’s Candy: Not Closed!


After reports surfaced that Ray’s Candy would be forced to close its door on Friday due to a rent dispute with its building’s managing agent, the future looked grim for the Avenue A institution, which has been open since 1974. But it looks like the store and its owner, Ray Alvarez, may have gotten a last-minute reprieve.

Last week, a Ray’s employee told Fork in the Road that Alvarez would try to work out a deal with his landlord over the weekend. This morning, the store was open for business as usual. When asked if it would close, the woman behind the counter just smiled and said, ‘Not yet.’ While that statement doesn’t inspire a great deal of confidence, it looks like the East Village’s foremost purveyor of egg creams, Belgian fries, and resolutely ungentrified ambience will at least live to see another day.


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