Someone Called Me Honey!


I was recently interviewed for a video for Go magazine’s website, and the butch female interviewer was delightful, except that she kept calling me “honey”!

“Can I interview you, honey?” she said. “Great, honey. Stand here, honey, and let’s chat for the camera. Thanks, honey….”

I wanted to scream! And rip out her short hair and burn it in a pile with her leather pants belt!

But then I got it. The lesbians are taking the wind out of male privilege by appropriating that word and flinging right back it on the guys!

I was part of an experiment in empowerment which aimed to subvert sexism by means of a clever little gender reversal. Or something.

And suddenly I was thrilled to death to be part of this exciting twist in patronizing nomenclature.

Even better, it made me realize how awful it can be to be a woman in this patriarchal society, honey!

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