The Breslin’s Amazing Lamb Burger


The lamb burger at the Breslin is one of the designated big hitters of the winter season.

It comes on a cutting board with a very ugly knife…

Chef April Bloomfield of The Breslin has dabbled in burgers before. Her gorgonzola-topped beefburger was one of the centerpieces of Spotted Pig’s menu, a huge wad of beef so flavorful, that even a skanky blue cheese couldn’t upstage it.

The lamb burger at The Breslin surpasses Bloomfield’s previous effort, making us wonder if lamb isn’t a better base for a burger, anyway. The puck of meat sits up high on the bun, with a flavor subtle and rich, the medium-rare middle glowing with pinkness. There’s a bland white cheese, mainly for richness, but the coup-de-grace is delivered by a homemade cumin mayo, another burger innovation.

The fries, too, are spectacular. According to the menu, they’re “thrice cooked,” and it will be up to you to enumerate the cooking steps that make them so memorable.

A full review of the Breslin will appear on Wednesday, with further photos in Fork in the Road.


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