There’s Poo in Your Coke; Smoky Foods May Be Toxic


Curtis Allina, the candy company executive responsible for the modern Pez dispenser, has died at age 87. The former vice-president of what is now Pez Candy helped develop the first character dispensers, which became highly collectible.
[NY Times]

A recent study reveals that nearly half of all sodas dispensed from a sample of 30 machines in the Roanoke Valley in Virginia tested positive for a group of bacteria banned by the EPA because it indicates the possibility of fecal contamination.
[ABC News]

One of the flavorings used to give smokiness to meat, cheese, and fish may be toxic to humans, according to the European Food Safety Authority. Primary Product AM 01, which is obtained from beech wood, is the substance causing concern.

For his new book, Food Rules: An Eater’s Manual, Michael Pollan consulted folklorists, anthropologists, doctors, nurses, nutritionists, and dietitians, “as well as a large number of mothers and grandmothers.” The total number of rules is 64.
[NY Times]

The cold snap that has gripped much of the country is affecting food providers. South Carolina’s shrimping season ended early, Florida’s citrus growers are on edge, and Oklahoma’s ranchers have been racing to break ice and lay down hay for cattle.
[Wall Street Journal]


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