Alan Richman Lists What He Believes Are the Country’s Five Best Desserts


Precious few things can placate Alan Richman like a spoonful of sugar: GQ’s famously irascible restaurant critic penned a lovely, Proustian paean to dessert in the magazine’s July 2008 issue in which he extolled the virtues of sundaes with names like the Pig’s Dinner and the Kitchen Sink and Hydrox cookies. Now, on the heels of his picks for the country’s 10 Best Restaurants, he’s gone and formalized his love by listing the Best Desserts of the Year.

Of the scant five — five! — desserts on the list, New York earns a place thanks to Benoit’s deconstructed profiteroles, cream-filled pastry orbs that are dipped in dark chocolate. The rest of the list serves as something of a road map for wandering and impressionable sweet tooths, who may well plan their journeys based upon the preferences of Richman’s palate.

[Via Grub Street Philadelphia]

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