Booze News: Guy Ritchie to Brew Beer; Angostura Shortage Really Real


Five cocktail trends to look out for in 2010 include pairing drinks with food, the proliferation of monk-made liqueurs a la Benedictine, the resurgence of vermouth, and orange-flavored tipples. Oh, and ice will continue to be fussed over.
[The Atlantic Food Channel]

The Angostura shortage isn’t just a hoax. One blogger sets out to find some and discovers that the shortage is very real, indeed. Met Food, Union Market, Stinky NYC, Key Food, Sahadi, Fairway, and several smaller markets were all out.
[Off the Presses]

Most people who drink spirits at home pour way too much, according to a recent study. The U.K.’s Know Your Limits Campaign found that those who thought they were drinking 7.5 measures per week were actually drinking 17.

Anheuser-Busch’s new low-calorie beer, Select 55, will launch nationally February 1. The new beer, which boasts just 55 calories per bottle, launched in certain test markets in August of last year.

Guy Ritchie is reportedly launching a new brewery linked to his Mayfair pub, The Punchbowl. The Sherlock Holmes director has already taken trademarks out on the names Punch Bowl Ales and Punch Bowl Beers.

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