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He Sleeps With the Pringles: ‘Tommy Shots’ Gioeli, Colombo Crime Family Big, on Killer Diet


Being charged with five gang land murders that could lead to the death penalty would make anybody nervous. So it’s little wonder that Colombo crime family big Thomas (Tommy Shots) Gioeli has been craving a little comfort food while awaiting trial. But, as the Daily News‘ John Marzulli reports today, he’s going a little over the top. Here’s the shopping list of a single Tommy Shots trip to the commissary at the federal lockup in Brooklyn:

“Cajun hot snacks, doughnut sticks, six Hershey’s bars with almonds, Honey Nut Scooters, Pringles sour cream and onion chips, Ritz crackers, a Snickers bar, three pouches of Spam lunch meat, six packets of tuna in sauce, five turkey and Swiss sticks, and six packages of Velveeta macaroni and cheese.”

Two weeks later, Marzulli reports, Gioeli was back for a refill, collecting “ten more Hershey’s bars, doughnut sticks, Pringles BBQ and sour cream and onion chips, peanut butter wagers, oatmeal cakes and cream, Vietnamese chili sauce, mayonnaise, and five more mac and cheeses.”

The lists were submitted in court by federal prosecutors, says the News, who got fed up with Shots’ gripes that his diabetes and heart condition have been aggravated by prison diet.

Gioeli’s lawyer denies that his client is pigging out on the junk food. He gave most of this loot to “less fortunate inmates on his cell block,” lawyer Adam Perlmutter told Marzulli.

But what’s with the Vietnamese chili sauce?


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