How Old Are Sandra Bullock’s Characters?


I’ll answer that for you: They’re all of indeterminate age. But sometimes they’re supposed to be around 35, and that’s amazing considering Sandra herself is reported to be anywhere between 45 and 49!

In last year’s All About Steve, no one mentioned her age, even as she dove on Bradley Cooper, and that was a bit bizarre.

And in The Proposal, where she was paired with 33-year-old Ryan Reynolds, her character claimed that the first concert she ever saw was one by Rob Base. That would have had to be in 1988 or later, which would make Sandra in her 30s!

And she pulls it off! She totally looks the part, far more so than Joan Crawford did when SHE was romancing way younger guys on screen.

But here’s what I can’t figure out: Is this an advance for women or is it just denial based on the fact that if you DO show and act your age, Hollywood has no use for you?

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