Meet Brooklyn’s Prsms: “Four Songs, Clocking in at 4:20” (Plus MP3)


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Brooklyn’s Prsms are a full-barrel, closed-fist, no-holds-barred, pig-fucko assault on your senses. Songs are short, loud, ugly and poorly recorded, but played with frightening precision and accuracy; touch points include maybe Unsane and Jesus Lizard in the old school, Young Widows and locals Pygmy Shrews in the new. The band met in Oakland, before migrating here — a place more suited for misanthropy and cloudy days. Their track “Vicious Youth” is 65 seconds of agony, complete with unlikely harmonies, a quick tempo change, and some gnashing, under-produced blood-letting. It’s taken from their upcoming 7″, a split with nasty Brooklyn hardcore screechers Passive Aggressor, a slab that will be released and silk-screened by the band themselves. Drummer Nick Lesley is proud to say their side of the record is “four songs clocking in at 4:20.” Dude!

What is “Vicious Youth” about?

Daniel Martens, guitar: Working on the night moves.
Aleksander Prechtl, bass/vocals: Daniel came up with the riff and we structured the song around it. A lot of time “structuring” for us involves trimming the fat. Afterwards, I wrote the lyrics, which are about violence resulting from social order. Paul Goodman’s Growing Up Absurd: Problems of Youth in the Organized Society as well as Buster Keaton films served as inspiration.
Nick Lesley, drums: Also for this one we decided that it should have drum fills that are along the lines of Mitch Mitchell and Keith Moon.

What do you love about short songs?

Prechtl: Short attention spans.
Lesley: Modern living has destroyed our attention spans.

What’s your favorite place to eat in Brooklyn?

Lesley: Muggs for the giant, cheap burgers and nearly 30 beers on tap. Crazy!
Martens: New Mexico Place in Williamsburg.
Prechtl: Tacos La Hacienda in Bushwick.

Prsms play Cake Shop with Aa and Graffiti Monsters on Saturday, January 16, supporting the CD release party for YIMBY veterans Dinowalrus.

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