Michael Bloomberg Wants to Cut the Salt in New York & Beyond; Goodfella Paul Sorvino Wants to Make Your Pasta Sauce


Actor Paul Sorvino, who starred in Goodfellas, is launching his own line of pasta sauces using his mother Angelina’s Neopolitan recipes. Starting this month, you can buy Sorvino’s marinara and vodka sauces for between $5.99 and $6.99.
[NY Daily News]

Junk foods commonly sold at stores not traditionally associated with food may be contributing to the U.S. obesity problem, according to a recent study. Some 41 percent of non-food retail stores sell candy, soft drinks, and other snacks at the check-out counter.

Mayor Bloomberg plans to unveil a national health initiative to encourage food producers and restaurants to cut the salt in their products by 25 percent over the next five years.
[NY Times]

A small New York subculture bases its eating habits on those of our Paleolithic ancestors. The caveman diet involves eating large quantities of meat, fasting to mimic the lean times between hunts, and foregoing bread, which was unavailable during the prehistoric era.
[NY Times]

Kentucky Fried Chicken franchisees are suing the fast-food chain for the company’s recent focus on grilled chicken, which is so unpopular that sales are down.
[NY Post]

Florida’s restaurants are seeing a renewed interest in the early-bird special. Tough economic times have drawn younger people to the early bird, and customers are also making more use of coupons, say restaurateurs.
[NY Times]


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